The Indian cosmeceutical and cosmetics industry has an overall market standing of USD 6.5 billion from a global market of USD 274 billion.But the question arises here; is it the long lasting Organic or just chemical makeup that lasts for little time period.

Beauty is subjective. We can find it in nature, in the souls and faces of our loved ones, or even in life’s mundane tasks. Regardless of where we find it, people are naturally drawn to beautiful things.
Our skin is beautiful automatically once we start taking care of it. The love and and bond between our skin and us is shown by the glow and charm it carries.

What comes first to your mind when you hear the word Organic ?
For me it means something pure and natural. It is working with the nature, not against it. Organic products have high anti oxidant level in them. They are very sustainable in nature and are Eco-friendly. They take care of our skin just like a perfect companion.

Every time you buy something Organic, you are persuading the farmers to grow Organic. You are giving a family a ray of hope to live, their livelihood depends on you.
I think that I do feel that my nature is to express what this self, this particular self at this time, experiences in the world. And that is so organic – I use this metaphor a lot but I’ll use it again – it’s like a pine tree producing pine cones, or a blackberry bush producing blackberries – it’s just what happens with this being, now.
Organic Beauty is created not copy pasted. Choose products that support your wellness and help you feel gorgeous.

Live life more organically and beautifully.
Organic Products are made from natural ingredients which are grown around us, like our Organiko products that are made from pure Donkey Milk and other ingredients like Cinnamon, Licorice, Honey, Charcoal. They help the skin in rejuvenation and to glow as bright as always.

Be Organic
Be Healthy

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