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ORGANIKO Beautifying Life – Our org. focuses on production of organic beauty products by using ‘DONKEY MILK’ which will Create livelihood opportunity for unprivileged people

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since 2017

You will find many organic soaps in market for your skin. But what sets Organiko-Beautifying Life apart is that our soaps are made from pure donkey milk with pure oils we ourselves selected to make quality products. 

Donkey milk is one of the healthy milk which consists many medical properties which helps fighting many skin diseases and gives you smooth skin. 

Organiko-Beautifying Life is a Social Venture that means we are also creating livelihood for marginalized people of Solapur,Maharashtra. These people are migrated from nearby villages in search of employment and live in a poor condition and they own donkeys but their conditions is worse then them. So we decided to beautify life of both of them by giving their owners a medium to earn income as well as spread awareness in community about Donkey’s health. 

A few words about us

Organiko-Beautifying Life is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folkss​

We are a community of young graduates with a purpose of stimulating the economic development of the underdeveloped.


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Creating a positive impact on local communities. From the very beginning, the motive is to make the optimum use of the untapped resources and helping the people from rural communities simultaneously by employing them…

Pooja Kaul


Rishabh Yash Tomar


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Organiko-Beautifying Life is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folkss

Rahul Sagar

CORE TEAM (Designer)

Isha Sharma


Shubhi Dubey


Gayatri Bagmar


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'A remedy for all Age groups and Skin types'

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