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ORGANIKO Beautifying Life – our motivation is to bring you organic beauty products created from the most unexpected of ingredients, Donkey Milk. Unexplored to a large extent in recent history, it not only offers you one of the most effective beauty regimes in the world but uplifts and financially supports some of the most marginalised and underprivileged communities of modern India, the owners of these loving and hardy being.

Why Us

since 2017

Today’s market is almost overflowing with an assortment of organic soaps that are beneficial for your skin in one way or another. You might therefore wonder what makes Organiko special, well for starters, our primary ingredient, donkey’smilk, responsibly and ethically sourced from various communities across the country. Not to mention the high quality oils which are natural and pure, handpicked to enhance the inherent properties of this marvellous ingredient. 

Donkey milk has, since time immemorial, been known for its multi-fold benefits. Outside of it being a healthy beverage of significant nutritional value, the components of the milk have a myriad of medicinal properties which are only being validated through research today. Properties that help combat different kinds of skin conditions such as acne, illnesses like ________ rendering your skin fresh, plump and smooth. 

Moreover, Organiko found its inspiration in our desire to give back, a social venture that first started out as a Master’s graduation project which looked primarily at creating an alternative livelihood for the marginalized donkey owners of the Solapur district in the state of Maharashtra. Families migrated from surrounding villages to try and give themselves a better chance at life working at construction sites and so on, the donkeys serving as load bearing beasts bringing in a little extra money. Unfortunately the better life they sought was filled with hunger, poverty and deplorable living conditions for both man and beast. And so, we decided to beautify the lives  of these donkey owners and their bread and butter, the donkeys.

A few words about us

Organiko-Beautifying Life is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folkss​

Organiko is a project of love being realized by a group of young graduates charged with the social responsibility of encouraging the economic development of the underdeveloped.


Meet the Founders

From the very beginning the driving force has been to impact local communities, finding ways to make use of untapped resources thereby helping individuals and communities from a rural background. Adding value to their traditional way of life, hoping to return to them that sense of self-worth and prosperity.


Pooja Kaul


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Organiko-Beautifying Life is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folkss

Rahul Sagar

CORE TEAM (Designer)

Jai Chauhan




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