Organic Cosmetics – The need for today’s Youth in a Chemical-based market 

Today, India or the Rest of the World is moving forward to incorporate the idea of living organically whether in a field of crop production or setting up lives which is more naturally suited, for example-the introduction of organic cotton or khadi.

As discussed above, in the same sense, to elaborate, with an innovative structure, Pooja Kaul – the founder of OrganiKo-Beautifying Life has come up with a startup that makes Natural hand made soap using Donkey Milk. This step, as when I heard,  filled me with curiosity to look or explore it more interestingly.

The soap is a mixture of natural oils and the milk that is used is also finely processed before making a final soap. The milk contains vitamins which even make it comparable with the human milk in terms of nutrients that it provides. With that, a very good social support has been given to the communities of donkey-owners/herders.

By knowing the goodwill that the startup have captured in the Indian as well as in the International Market, I must suggest to more people to support the initiative and buy the products from the OrganiKo-Beautifying Life.