Like Durgamati’s story on amazon prime, a lot of us have disbelief about the skin rejuvenation process that most of the skincare brands talk to us about. Skin rejuvenation can enhance your features and help you bring back your youthful, clear, and glowing skin.

It is a method used to make skin look better and more youthful. 

Then why does the younger audience want to rejuvenate their skin? They already have youthful skin. 

This is because the rejuvenation treatment also includes the removal of dark spots, pigmentation, and dullness.

 So, let’s understand skin rejuvenation and see if it actually happens. 


Skin-Rejuvenation:- Myth or Reality

Skin rejuvenation can be achieved by chemical as well as natural methods. 

Chemical method

The chemical treatments are generally instantaneous and expensive processes. For example;- Meso glow, Oxy facial, Photorejuvenation, Microdermabrasion, Carbon peeling, UI Therapy, etc.

Meso glow:- It is a method that uses injections of anti-oxidants and amino acids, in specific areas that help in facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, and a reversal of age-related damage.

Oxy facial:- It is considered to be a non-medical and non-chemical procedure. This method uses a wand of high-pressure oxygen stream on the skin surface, after cleansing and exfoliation. It does not have any scientific proof but it is said to reduce wrinkles, improve blood circulation, and increases collagen production. 

Photorejuvenation:- This method uses lasers to treat skin spots, wrinkles, and correct the texture. It induces wound cells which in turn promotes the creation of new cells.

Carbon Peeling:- A solution of charcoal is poured on the skin. The charcoal particle gets into the skin surface and absorbs dirt and dead cells. Then the laser destroys the charcoal particles penetrated inside the skin surface. 

UI therapy:- It is a procedure used to uplift the neck, chin, brows and hence give a youthful appearance to the skin. 

Are these treatments real?

A lot of people have been using the chemical method of treatment and are seeing significant results. Some people have observed clearer, wrinkle-free, and tight skin. None of the chemical or natural methods are magical but they do work on the skin in a scientific manner. In the case of chemical or laser treatment, The patient can see increasing improvement in the skin with consecutive sessions.

Even after seeing proved results, it is not our first choice to use the chemical methods. For two main reasons, they are expensive and require chemical or radiation penetration into the body.

The next part is the natural way of skin rejuvenation.

 Natural products do not give quick and visible results. Although with regular use, you can see visible results. They work in 3-4 main steps:-

1.       Opening pores:- Scrubbing your fingers against the skin surface with any soap or natural product opens the pores to get rid of the dirt trapped inside the pores.

2.       Exfoliation:- Removal of dead skin cells from the skin surface and dirt from the pores

3.       Moisturizing: – To close the opened pores and avoiding bacteria or dirt on the skin, moisturizing is required.

4.       Soothing: – Cooling of the skin to treat any allergic or general irritation. Soothing might also help in reducing acne and the effect of heat on the skin.


A product label that says rejuvenation product might not necessarily mean skin rejuvenation.  It might mean rejuvenating life in general. So, search for the ingredients in the label that can help in opening pores, exfoliation, and moisturization.

For exfoliation and opening pores, coffee, cinnamon, honey, green tea, and essential oils can be used. In this case, the natural exfoliator is physically rubbed on the skin to remove dirt and dead skin from the skin surface. This gives a younger-looking, wrinkle-free skin.

Oils, honey, shea butter, rose water, and milk are moisturizing in nature whereas aloe vera and cucumber extracts might help in soothing the skin.

Moisturization is valid when you are cleaning your skin with a scrub, face wash, or soap. On the other hand, topical use of moisturizing ingredients for people with oily skin is not advisable. Topical usage may be in the form of creams or lotions.

On the other hand, ingredients like milk(donkey milk and curd) and rose water lock moisture enough for your skin type and flushes out the excess amount of oil on the skin.

Do they really work?

A lot of natural skin rejuvenation soaps and scrubs are present in the market. Regular use of the products shows a significant difference in skin texture and acne reduction. Natural skin exfoliation helps in removing dead skin cells and restores the glow on the skin.

Conclusion:- It is suggested that we treat our skin naturally, as much as possible, and avoid chemicals or radiation. Both of the methods give us results, but it is just about how much patience do you have. 

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