Donkey Milk Licorice and Cinnamon Oil Soap


  • licorice helps to balance the pH level of the skin while keeping it thoroughly moisturized, and to help soothe the skin and gives it a calming effect.
  • Acting as a natural calmer, cinnamon oil provides the healing touch to the skin; a must do skin pampering activity.
  • Remarkable in treating skin related problems, with minimal chances of their occurring again in the future.
  • Cruelty free, Organically Certified Handmade Processed bathing bar experience
  • 100 % natural formula handmade with love for all skin type.

A handmade soap made with herbal and natural ingredients that revitalize the skin naturally. It has no chemicals like Paraben & Sulphate which makes it a safe and quality product. A go to elixir to give your body and mind the peace it requires after a long tiring day with it’s soothing aroma. Licorice helps in fading dark circles and tightening skin pores. Solution to have healthy mind and body, the ancient ayurvedic way.



Licorice– Licorice has been used for 4,000 years and boasts a ton of health and skin care benefits. Licorice is an exciting all-natural treatment option that offers a brilliant alternative for those looking to avoid putting any chemical on their skin.

Donkey Milk– The timeless beauty Cleopatra’s secret is known for its natural anti-ageing skin nourishment golden donkey milk. It helps in protecting skin from various bacterial infections leading to skin problems like- psoriasis and others.

Cinnamon Oil– It is known for its mood enhancing qualities which also helps in healing the skin. Cinnamon oil has properties that makes it a popular choice for at-home aromatherapy treatments. It also serves antibacterial properties which stays a major concern for people with pollution treated skin.


Why donkey milk soap over others? 
• Donkey milk has four times the amount of vitamin C than any cow’s milk. More Vitamin C leads to more exfoliation and hence, more glow. It is also a stock full of amazingness for your skin. It contains casein, lactose, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, and E, making it a nutritional powerhouse on your skin.
• It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds, which helps to reduce and calm down skin irritation and redness. This means that it helps skin that is irritated and inflamed, and has been used as a natural remedy for acne, eczema and psoriasis.
• Naturally occurring lactic acid in Donkey Milk helps in exfoliation of your skin, which means shedding old skin cells to reveal the new. It encourages the fading of scars and discoloration, evening skin tone, and helps with acne and wrinkles


Suggested Use:-

The soap can be used on both face and body. Put some warm water on skin, gently apply soap to create lather. Rinse with clean water.


Stock the soap in a cool dry place to avoid melting of the soap

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 8.8 × 8.8 × 3 cm


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