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To create awareness in Market for Donkey milk products and benefits among people.

Helping a section of society in earning livelihood by generating value creation of untapped resources.

We want to build India’s first Donkey milk based product social business that can favorably provide benefits to people without harming the consumers as well as environment.


Organiko-Beautifying Life is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folkss

Pooja Kaul


An ardent reader has a Master’s in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship from TISS, Tuljapur. She studied Human Rights, International Humanitarian Refugee Law post her stint in History and Political Science at Delhi University. The wide array of subjects studied and her own experience in life through her stay in rural areas made her realise “Organiko – Beautifying life” which focusses on value enhancement and inclusion at all levels in the supply chain.Presently, she is engaged in enhancing lives of underprivileged communities through realising potential of their produce through Organiko and enhancing their footprint in the market while making sure quality products are delivered to the consumers. She strongly follows the idea – “Believe. Become. Rise.”All else apart, she believes she is a great dancer and her friends just smilingly concur.

Rishabh Yash Tomar


A travel enthusiast with a passion to give back to the society. He did his bachelor’s degree in Social Work and An alumni from  Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Master in Social Innovations and Entrepreneurship. Passion for Social business made him realized that he needs to work for the betterment of the society and it’s not all about money but making people smile.                                                                                                                                                

Isha Sharma

Team ORganiko

A Tata Institute of social Sciences alumni, an upcoming social worker specialized in rural development who believes in if we need to build a great nation we need to strengthen it is roots that is the ‘rural areas’.

Rahul Sagar

Team ORganiko

BA from Mahatma Gandhi University in Multimedia & VFX Program, In Association with Arena Animation                                                                                                                                                           

Shubhi Dubey

Team ORganiko

A graduate from Delhi University

Tanuj Atwal

Team ORganiko

Tanuj Atwal is an adventure and travel addict. In his spare time he loves surfing, playing musical instruments, learning new things. With having degree of M.A in Social Work, always belive in new ideas all the time, if only there was more time to implement them all

Gayatri Bagmar

Team ORganiko

A Diplomat- in making who has a deep core interest in politics and social-cultural problems. She feels the need to elevate children’s voices as every generation of children offers mankind the chance of rebuilding his ruin of world.

Neha Shrivastava

Team ORganiko

A TISS post graduate, working in social sector to empower communities seeking to become financially independent by providing them innovative ideas, work plans and hand holding support initially to enrich their lives.