Our story

At Organiko, we are a social venture and also a luxury brand now. We make a range of skincare products made from donkey milk.
We are India’s first brand to create and promote donkey milk products.
We are first in class to make such products which are 100% natural too.
We provide livelihood to the donkey owners who suffer from seasonal unemployment and have the untapped resource of donkey milk with them. We have a range of skincare products made from donkey milk. We are bringing a golden milk revolution in India.

Why did we start?

We started Organiko because we felt an urge to improve the conditions of donkey owners and the donkey population.

We realized that the donkey population was heading towards an all-time low and an increase in donkey owner's income would improve the situation for them.
Also, we wanted to bring about a change in skincare products people use these days. We wish to offer 100% natural alternative of skincare to the people and remind them of the natural ingredients hidden in the roots of India.

How did we start?

Organiko was started in Delhi, in 2018, with the aim to bring an amalgamation of Ayurvedic and Egyptian beauty ingredients at your service for best in class, natural skincare. At Organiko, we make natural skin care products, from donkey milk and some Ayurvedic ingredients.

While working with the donkey communities the founder of Organiko realized the importance of the untapped resource of donkey milk. She observed that donkey milk was less known but had a lot of potential to cure multiple skin related problems. And thus, the journey of the brand began!

Today’s market is almost overflowing with an assortment of organic soaps that are beneficial for your skin in one way or another. You might therefore wonder what makes Organiko special, well for starters, our primary ingredient, donkey’smilk, responsibly and ethically sourced from various communities across the country. Not to mention the high quality oils which are natural and pure, handpicked to enhance the inherent properties of this marvellous ingredient.

Nidhi Ahlawat

Neha Sharad

Arte Visa

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