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About the soap that's been made from the pure Donkey milk.

If your ears are still unaware of the miraculous benefits of donkey milk on any type of skin, then definitely it's time to invest your few precious minutes to get acquainted with this absolute wonder which has the most welcoming results of all times.

Donkey milk is similar to human milk and can be a cure-all for various ailments. History being a witness, from across the world provides us evidences of the many ways in which donkey milk has been used for the overall health of our body, our skin ! Not to miss the fact; the most beautiful Cleopatra, The Queen of Ancient Egypt, bathed in donkey's milk and around 700 donkeys were needed to provide the quantity of milk necessary for her daily bathing. Recently India started to work on the beneficial properties of this magical remedy by converting them into easy-to-use skincare and cosmetics, making it a perfect companion of our skin. Packed with proteins, phospholipids and ceramides ( which helps in the regeneration of the skin) this impressive mate is also rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E. In short it is a blend of all the best therapies that your skin deserves.

Donkey Milk Charcoal & Honey Soap

Rs 499 (100 gm)

100% Natural || Treats Acne || Removes Blackheads || Removes Dead Skin || Deep Cleanses Skin.

Donkey Milk Natural Ingredients Soap

Rs 499 (100 gm)

100% Natural || Gentle and mild cleansing || Purifies, smoothes and evens || Can be used on face and body 

Licorice-Cinnamon Donkey's Milk Soap

Rs 499 (100 gm)

100% Natural || Good for Normal Skin Type || Purifies, smoothes and evens || Can be used on face and body. NOT  FOR SENSITIVE SKIN

They all our Donkey
Milk Soap

‘OrganiKo promotes Natural and Healthy Skin’ 

Dee Chawarika

"A nice product worth buying.makes the skin smooth and spotless."

Sachin Saurabh

"The products are very effective and having scientifically significant. It is really a great product."

Aparna Agrawal

"Very effective product. The founder is having a bigger vision and a good mindset to create social impact and deliver the best. Keep it up🙂"

Deepak Menon

"Organiko is not like normal product but its about the need and awarness to use organic product to beautify your skin and not fairness...."


'A remedy for all Age groups and Skin types'

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