With mask-wearing still a necessary evil, it is safe to say that our skin is still getting used to it. Acne and irritation caused by masks is an effect on many Indian skin-types, along with dryness. Even the oiliest of skins feel dehydrated in the changing temperatures. To top it all, the skincare fads in the industry make it even more difficult for people to choose what is right for their specific skin-type. One ingredient making waves and promises to resolve all kinds of skin woes is donkey milk. 

While donkey milk effectively douses skin in much-needed hydration and anti-oxidants, anti-ageing treatment it is also effective in reducing the effects of premature ageing on skin. It is known that Cleopatra used to bathe in donkey milk everyday to keep fine lines at bay and achieve soft, supple skin. She too is known to possess otherwise ordinary skin and therefore donkey milk has proven to bear benefits irrespective of skin type. Centuries ago, it was also used in India and Africa for medicinal usage on the skin. Several beauty brands are now becoming aware of these facts and incorporating donkey milk in their products. 

How does donkey milk hydrate the skin?

As per many founders of beauty brands and many studies conducted, donkey milk has been tested to contain the closest composition to breast milk, when compared to milk from other animals like cows, buffaloes, goats or camels. Just like human milk, it contains the ingredients for building immunity and resilience in the skin, lending it a natural and innate glow. Skin which is dehydrated, dull, rough in texture and lacking radiance essentially has weak barriers which allow foreign elements to settle on it and clog the pores. Donkey milk is rich in lactic acid, which we know is a gentle but powerful clarifying agent for the skin. 

Donkey milk also, therefore, aids the regeneration of skin cells. Once sufficiently hydrated, the skin has a stronger force to repair the structural damages caused to the outer layers, and is able to heal itself, restoring itself to its natural radiance. Donkey milk is a huge catalyst in this process. 

Along with being an excellent hydrant for the skin, donkey milk also lends its anti-inflammatory qualities to the skin. Skin diseases such psoriasis, eczema and acne can easily be treated and contained with regular use of donkey milk. Lactic acid helps exfoliate the skin and stimulates cell renewal. It also adds essential fatty acids which help to regulate oil production in acne-prone skin. 

Being rich in Vitamin C and amino acids, donkey milk is an agent supporting the build-up of peptides and proteins which are structural elements of the skin. Proteins like collagen and elastin are great hydrating elements for the skin and when combined with the vitamins contained in donkey milk, it will become clear just why Egyptian women relied so heavily on donkey milk as part of their regular skincare regime. 

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