Cleopatra beauty has been known through ancient history as one of the world’s most beautiful women, committed to her beauty regime. The same tradition was followed by ancient Egyptian women for over 5000 years. All these skincare secrets derived from rich ingredients gifted to people by Mother Nature. One can imagine how Cleopatra’s beauty regime must be, to be relevant even thousands of centuries later. This is because the same natural ingredients that were used back then are available, though lesser known, even today. Let us discover some of the beauty secrets that can be added to a modern-day skincare routine.  

  1. Milk baths: A luxurious milk bath is a top-of-the-list beauty secret known through the ages as one of Cleopatra’s most popular. The donkey milk that was used for these baths, along with turmeric, added extra benefits for the skin. Lactic acid present in donkey milk helps to keep skin clear and radiant.

However, it is highly unlikely to find donkey milk for an over-the-counter purchase. As a substitute, one can go for exotic soaps made from donkey milk and other organic ingredients and enjoy the same results. Organiko offers a number of soaps made with donkey milk as the main ingredient.


  1. Dead Sea salts: Cleopatra has access to the salt from the dead sea and also salt mined in caves. The salt was rich in those minerals which are good for the human skin if used regularly, adding glow, acting as a natural healing agent and removing dead skin. It also helped remove blemishes and exfoliate the skin, and was used for Cleopatra’s milk baths as well.

Fine grain salt can also be used to achieve similar results. This salt can be combined with any essential oil and used as a face -scrub. This scrub can also be used for the rest of the body by increasing the quantity of the ingredients.


  1. Kohl: Make-up was a huge part of the daily self-care routine for Cleopatra and most Egyptian beauty. Kohl was the basis of another popular invention- the eyeliner. It was made from black galena or malachite mixed with natural oils to make it soft and glide easily on the skin. Cleopatra used it to achieve her famous cat-eye look- something which has been her signature style through the ages. Kohl is known to have zinc oxide which protects the eyes from the sun, and also against several infections like conjunctivitis.

These days, one can opt for an organic kohl pencil to dress and protect their eyes like the Queen.


  1. Honey face masks: Cleopatra also used honey extensively combined with milk, to create refreshing face-masks for the skin. Honey is known to have antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities and is especially beneficial for acne-prone skin. It also helps remove the layers of dead-skin that accumulate as a result of exposure to pollution and dust.

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  1. Essential natural oils: Ancient Egyptians including Queen Cleopatra used natural oils such as sesame, castor and moringa oils to achieve youthful skin and deal with the signs of skin ageing. Even today, these oils are known to provide the much-needed nutrition to the skin, while restoring its natural regenerating properties.

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  1. Royal Jelly: Cleopatra used royal jelly in her beauty rituals to moisturize her skin. Royal jelly is collected from bees. It nourishes skin with essential vitamins and minerals and thoroughly moisturizes the skin. It also adds elasticity and boosts collagen production. The skin becomes better at healing itself naturally and remains healthy. Beeswax has properties similar to royal jelly and can be used as a moisturizer for extremely dry skin.


  1. Henna: While henna is used today for its decorative and ceremonial look on the hands and arms, or for covering grey hair, back then it was used as a conditioner for nails and even as a nail paint by Cleopatra. This is where nail polish finds its roots. It can be used around the edges of the nails or on the nails to create designs on the fingers.


Cleopatra’s genius can be known from how she used readily available products to her benefit. Egyptians mastered the art of skincare and cosmetics at their earliest stages. This is how Cleopatra has earned a permanent place for herself in history.

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