The Egyptian Beauty Cleopatra is known as the most beautiful woman in human history. For centuries she has been regarded as an idol and held in admiration for her beauty. Cleopatra's beauty secrets have been researched and studied over the years, and they hold significance even today. Aside from her appearance, Cleopatra was known for her courage, confidence and wit. She is an example to women to embrace themselves in their journey of self-transformation. 


While Cleopatra is believed to be one of the most beautiful women on Earth, she was actually an ordinary woman and looked like any other. More than her physical beauty, her presence and intellect were captivating. She was well-read and charismatic, and her knowledge of many things in the world made her stand out from being just another beauty queen. Her most powerful asset was her mind. She was a courageous ruler who had an enchanting aura. 

According to records, Cleopatra had a marvellous physical appearance- sharp eyes, a full face and an enigmatic gaze. Her features are believed to be a reflection of her intelligence. Let’s read on to understand some of Cleopatra’s beauty facts which are worth knowing.  

1. USAGE OF OILS IN BEAUTY REGIME: Oil was a quintessential element in skincare products in the Ptolemaic era. Cleopatra is believed to have used castor, sesame, moringa, and several other oils to prevent ageing and enhance skin elasticity. Egyptians used a soap paste made out of clay and olive oil, which acted as a healing agent and preserved youthfulness on the skin. Castor oil was also used for hair care in addition to the skin to prevent damage and hair fall. 

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2. HONEY INFUSED BATHS: It is famously said that Cleopatra indulged in a lot of baths containing honey along with other ingredients. Honey possesses many anti-bacterial qualities, which make it a suitable skincare product for Indian skin. It acts as a pore cleanser and helps to remove dead cells while leaving the skin moisturized and hydrated. Honey is also a natural antiseptic for lightening scars and treating burns. Cleopatra used it to increase skin elasticity and keep acne at bay. 

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3. DONKEY MILK FOR SKINCARE: It is believed that Cleopatra infused natural ingredients in her bath milk, which was actually donkey milk. Although lesser-known, donkey milk is believed to have many antiseptic and healing benefits for the skin. It contains Vitamin C, A, B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin D. It also prevents wrinkles and is a great exfoliator. 

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4. SALT SCRUBS FOR EXFOLIATION: Cleopatra used sea salt scrubs as a natural exfoliator for her face and body and washed her face several times a day with oils and limestone. These ingredients are gentle on the skin while still removing dirt and grime. 

5. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: It is believed that Cleopatra also used apple cider vinegar infused into the water she used for washing her face. Apple cider vinegar has cleansing and anti-bacterial properties, leaving the skin healthier than before. is an all-natural skincare brand founded on the skincare and beauty practices of Cleopatra. The heart behind all our products is to make women understand beauty the way Cleopatra did, through the use of products that nature has to offer that are unprocessed and untreated. Buy Organiko products and incorporate Cleopatra’s beauty secrets into your skincare regime!