Donkey Milk is often called a natural elixir of youth. It contains a blend of various nutrients and vitamins that can benefit your skin in many ways. Many beauty brands are incorporating donkey milk in their products as there are huge benefits with it on human skin.

Generally, soaps are for body use. But with donkey milk, you can use donkey milk soaps on both face and body without any complications. Our Organiko donkey milk soaps are 100 % natural and handcrafted. Because of this, they are safe on body skin as well as facial skin.

Some of the uses of Donkey Milk

Gives soft and smooth skin:

          Donkey milk soaps make your skin smooth and soft. With the creamy texture and lather that it produces, you will notice your skin’s smoothness once you start using it.


Combined with Aloe vera, neem, and Chandan our Organiko Donkey Milk Natural Ingredients Soap can provide a soothing effect on the skin after the first use itself.


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Protects skin from UV Exposure:

          Vitamin D is essential to fight premature aging. It can also help in reducing inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and acne. Vitamin D will usually come when we get outside into the sun. But UV rays present in the sunlight damage our skin.


The best way to incorporate Vitamin D in skincare is by using donkey milk-made soaps as they have Vitamin D naturally in them.

Hydrates your skin:

          Donkey milk soap removes your need to buy extra moisturizer as the soap itself can act as the best moisturizer. The PH level of the donkey milk is very close to that of your normal skin PH. Because of this soaps that are made from donkey milk can hydrate your skin and keep the skin oil moderate.

Helps in Skin Renewal:

          Donkey Milk consists of Vitamin A which is derived from Retinol. The presence of Retinol will help in increasing the skin cell and make them younger. Donkey milk will have antioxidants in high amounts and because of this, it is a main key ingredient for skin cell renewal.


Together with charcoal and honey, our Donkey Milk Charcoal and Honey Soap can reduce acne and improve the skin’s complexion.



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Best addition to your anti-aging beauty kit

          The donkey milk is a wonder box containing high protein levels of phospholipids. This golden milk has vitamins A, B, C, D, E. Hence the soaps made from donkey milk benefits like our Organiko Donkey milk soap variants are excellent for anti-aging treatment.


          They fight against wrinkles and reduce blemishes as well. There won’t be any bacterial infections once you start using these magical soaps.


The best cure for all your acne problems

          Acne-prone skin people should be very careful before trying out any chemical-based products. Because sometimes those chemicals can make their acne worse. But donkey milk, as it is natural can cure skin allergies and acne without any side effects.


It completely removes the acne-causing bacteria from the skin surface and makes the skin soft and smooth. Donkey milk soaps contain all uses of donkey milk like anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds. So they can be used for acne reduction.


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Best way to reap all the uses of Donkey Milk.

There are many products out there and many brands providing cosmetics from donkey milk as there are many uses of donkey milk. But instead of applying hundred different products to your face and thinking of other ways for your skin, Try Donkey Milk Soap instead.


Using Organiko Donkey Milk soaps thrice every day can make your skin soft and glowing. As it is made with organic and natural ingredients there will not be any side effects. They will help in improving your skin texture and complexion as well.



All these soaps are infused with a powerful combination of essential oils like olive oil and coconut oil which will leave the skin sensuous and glowing after use. These soaps can be used both on the body and face making them more beneficial and cost-friendly.



Donkey milk can act as a reversing agent and return the youngness by killing the dead cells and removing them from the pores of the skin. As they have many vitamins and minerals, they are suitable for all skin types ranging from oily to extremely sensitive skin types as well.